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India 1st exclusive

wound care clinic

India 1st exclusive

wound care clinic

About us

Wound Personal or Social Problem?

Wounds are a sequel of many disease conditions. Wound makes a person sick and unfit to deliver his duty, incurring monitory loss for him and his family. It takes a toll on his personal well being, life style and productivity for his family. Hence wound is an economical and social problem for the person and society.

What is Wound Care?

Wounds are of various types like diabetic foot ulcer, chronic non healing wounds following trauma and infections, burn wounds, venous ulcers, bed sores, ulcers due to lymph edema, skin conditions like unsightly scar, keloid, hypertrophic scar and nail problems. Wounds care is not mere dressing of the wound. Each wound has to be dealt specifically, to identify the primary cause which makes it non-healing and complicated. Wound management needs a multidisciplinary and co-ordinated approach by specialist doctors to bring about complete healing.

What is Wound Care Clinic?

Wound care clinic is a centre dedicated for the complete care of the wound. This concept which is in vogue in western countries is introduced for the first time in India and Tamilnadu by Mithras Wound Care Clinic ,to provide comprehensive and advanced wound management for the benefit of the patients at an affordable cost.

Mithras Wound Care Clinic is spearheaded by a team of Plastic surgeons who have expertise in wound management. In our clinic, patient will be evaluated by team of specialist doctors who are experts in wound care to give a permanent solution. Treatment will be targeted and tailor made for each patient based on the type and nature of the wound.

Clinic has complete wound evaluation equipments, investigations to prevent ulcer in high risk patients. Advanced methods of treatments like Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Therapy, Laser and Infraredtherapy, Hydrotrherapy, Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure and newer advanced dressing materials are employed for better wound healing. Mithras Wound Care Clinic is a one stop destination for patients for the treatment of any kind of wound at an affordable cost

Centre for

  • Diabetic Foot Problems
  • Chronic Non-healing Ulcers
  • Venous Ulcers
  • Burns Management
  • Bed Sore
  • Lymphedema
  • Nail Problems
  • Scar Management